Lasagne Veronese. That sums it up.

Happy Valentine’s Day. A while ago. Isaiah and I just got back from a dream-once-in-a-lifetime-honeymoon-adventure to Europe where we traveled by train for one month! During this time, we stayed with my high school best friend in her (now) home town – Carpi, Italy. She showed us the sights, told us what we “must see”, […]

Two Delicious Experiments.

Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes & Beef Satay. mmmmm, sweet potatoes. some of you may also refer to sweet potatoes as ‘yams’, but you’d actually be talking about something quite different. so listen up! or continue to sound like a produce idiot. or something. so in case you are interested in the difference between a yam and […]

Strawberry Jam (that’s a lie.)

this is a little post about a little canning experiment, my first canning experiment in fact. the first thing i canned even before learning from the master during my canning CSA. the result? delicious strawberry jammy flavor, without the lovely jammy consistency. boo. i, in fact, canned strawberry topping. less for your toast, more for […]