not drunk all summer, promise.

Hi. From the previous posts, you’d think I’ve been drunk all summer. Not true. Sort of. We are blessed with food this season with the warm weather making everything go wild. Including plums!! And I love to preserve the seasonal bounty with alcohol, so here you go. Pick plums. Prick them with fork. Toss them […]

summer’s coming.

Just in case y’all forgot that you too can have a personalized cocktail in minutes! Well, weeks really. But it only takes minutes of effort! Find fruits or herbs or whatever the heck you have laying around the house that’s edible (edible undies?? ew), chop it up, put it in a jar, cover with your […]

a healthy green apple (martini).

need i say more? i really don’t think i need to, but you really need to know what goes into this tasty beauty. remember when i got a juicer? and how i juice the crap out of everything now? and how juicing is really healthy for you…wellllll, i kind of found a way around that […]