the Dirt


i’m holding Sasquatch’s HAND everyone!! sheesh.


it’s simple really. i am about food, friends, cocktails, and crafts – all of which are colorful, delicious, require investment, and take time to create! i am a local food advocate, city planner, and lecturer searching for ways to incorporate domestic art into this modern life.  enjoy!


…so we were in Bellingham, WA. we made some amazing friends, lived in one of the world’s most beautiful settings and were livin’ the dream. until i decided that i need to get smarter.

…so we moved to Madison, WI. i studied for two years, earned an M.S. isaiah worked on vegetable farms, we rode bikes and again, made some amazing friends. but, living in the midwest was not permanent for us, so we loaded up our two cats, and made a dash back to the beauty of the pacific northwest.

…so we moved to Arcata, CA. we accumulated another cat, isaiah accumulated an amazing farming job, and i am accumulating the wisdom necessary for an abundant life (i think?!). we miss our friends that we have made along the way, and hope that this can be a great way to keep in touch.


All posts are categorized. Look for it at the bottom of the post. If you are interested in more posts on food, for example, click on the Category that says “Feisty Food” and voila!


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