See Apple Trees

It’s that magic time of year when summer and fall are arm wrestling to see who wins the day. This warm weather stormy dance also means that it’s time to keep your eyes peeled for apple trees ready to be picked. They’re everywhere! Drive around and find a neighbor that can never quite manage to get to picking their tree and ask if you can harvest a couple boxes. Juice them for fresh cider, slice for pies, or cook down for apple butter.

Or better yet, dry them in your oven for a super easy, delish snack. Check it!


My friend at Feisty Dog orchard gave me a 40lb box of “holy rollers”  aka apples that have little bug marks on them. I washed ’em, then core ’em.

Like this!


It was easier and faster than I imagined, especially since I used my new apple corer from the hardware store (10 bucks!)


I then got out my mandoline slicer and created uniform slices and layed them out on sheets. The directions told me to use all racks, but I only have one, see. So, baking sheets had to do.

Turn your oven on to the lowest setting, 175 – 200 degrees and dry for 8 to 12 hours. I left mine over night.


They turned out great! Lessons learned include: 1. I would slice the apples thicker cuz I wanted a more chewy ring, 2. If you put rings in acidulated water, I think they discolor less, 3. The overlapping rings stuck together to form chains, which was fine but I thought I’d mention.

See apples, people!


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