Usually food, not today!

Hey y’all, (wait. did you know that recently I discovered that I’ve been spelling the word ‘y’all’ wrong all of these years?! i mean, yes, i noticed that red wavy line underlining the word, and yes, i just ignored it because i thought that red-waver was merely pointing out that  ‘y’all’ wasn’t a word! well, it wasn’t. it was saying, “look bitsh, you’ve been spelling this word wrong your whole life. lesson learned. ya’ll does not equal y’all. onward)

I made a quilt.  And since this mambajamba has been gifted to the babymama, I will feel free to share.


It was definitely the most complicated quilt top that I have attempted and I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.  I loved these fabrics, from Moda, and the remnant navy blue stripes I had laying around the ole fabric bin.



I didn’t do much quilting, as you can see and basically randomly outlined the shapes from the top side.  I have a pretty terrible sewing machine, so it makes all of this a lot harder. But! I have come to understand the world of bindings much better, so hooray for that!

Go and get your sew on, lovely people!





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