Babies Get Cold.

Babies get cold, right? At least I’ve heard that they do since I don’t actually have one. Yet. (Cue scary music)

And since my friends keep having babies, and babies seem to enjoy blankets, it seems like a perfect opportunity to hone my blanket-making skills. This time, if the form of quilting!

ImageBOOM! A quilt! And you can quilt too. A quilt is made of three, no four, pieces. 1) The quilt top, which you see here, has the fabric design. 2) The guts, or batting, is the middle fluffy part. 3) Then the back part of the quilt which is often a very simple, single piece of fabric. 4) Finally, a binding strip of fabric holds the whole bitch together.

This pattern was inspired by a very crafty friend that just makes up quilt patterns and they turn out great! I copied this Chevron pattern from her and decided to use primary colored fabric. The “whiteish” looking chevrons are actually a pale yellow, honeycomb print fabric.

Image**Notice in this photo that when I quilted the blanket, I chose to outline the chevrons. And when I did this, I chose to sew just to the outside of the colored chevron. The result? It makes the chevron pop!

This quilt top is made from cutting out simple triangles, then sewing them into squares, then assembling all the squares! I watch a million youtube videos to remind myself how to cut the batting, pin it all together, quilt it (that’s the actual act of sewing the sandwich together), then assembling the border binding which I find to be the most tedious and stressful part of the whole thing.

Now go out and quilt something you sewing genius! A good first project? Quilted potholders!

Imagep.s. Congratulations Andrew & Jennifer!


3 thoughts on “Babies Get Cold.

  1. This was such a sweet post! My mom has been a quilter for years and it’s sad to say that this beautiful art is fading so much in the Appalachian areas where I grew up. Best of luck in your quilt making projects!

    • Thank you charmsofagypsey! I didn’t grow up learning to sew but I love the tradition of quilting! I hope to create a true keepsake one day!

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