personalized frittata.

i recently brought frittata muffins to a friend’s birthday brunch and a gal there said, “i had never seen these things before last week, then someone brought them to a baby shower, and now here they are again!”. huh, i didn’t know that i was so en vogue. that’s probably the first time that’s ever happened.

it’s totally geeky, and i know that it doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to taste, but i am really into small, bite-sized, personalized portions of food. i like the look and i like that it’s all mine. so why make a frittata in a cast iron skillet like regular fools do, when you can make them in a muffin tin?!


preheat oven to 375 degrees. whisk together eggs, a bit of milk, & salt/pepper. if you use too much milk, then your muffins will get too fluffy and overrun the cups. fully eggs are the shit if you are scrambling, but they don’t work as well here. in fact, you could even omit the milk if you like.

determine the other ingredients you want in your frittata; these frittata muffins include sun-dried tomatoes, onions, and cheddar. ensure that the cups are non-stick by using a non-stick spray or heavy butter. i like to add the additional ingredients directly into the cups instead of the eggs so that they are well distributed. if the additional ingredients are light enough, finely chopped chives for example, you can add them directly to the eggs.


so, add all ingredients to muffin tin, filling each cup 3/4 full. you can top with cheese at this time or you can wait until the frittatas cook for a bit. cook 8-10 minutes. i also like to broil at the last couple minutes to brown cheese.


yum! pop those suckers out of the tin and serve. this is the easiest breakfast item to construct – and you can create a variety of frittata muffins to please all you picky friends/kids/cats. enjoy!


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