summer cubes.

although i eat local, which inherently means seasonal, i can’t seem to keep these blog posts relevant to the season! so here’s another idea to save up for sweet summer melons and berries.

again inspired by Spoon Fork Bacon, and my undying love for fancy schmancy cocktails, i used watermelon and blackberry juice to make these ice cubes.


the watermelon component was a no brainer as i just mashed up a very ripe watermelon and loaded that into ice trays. seeds and all, as you can tell.  after i set in the watermelon, i layered blackberry juice on top. the blackberry juice was processed by hand from hand-picked Himalayan blackberries (invasive!) in Willow Creek, CA. mash blackberries through a fine sieve and collect the juice. it is a VERY tedious process, but well worth it!


freeze this bitch and pop out cubes for spritzers and cocktails. i have a Sodasteam, which i LOVE and highly recommend, so add cubes directly to soda water, OR add vodka, soda water, and fruit cubes.

get creative with yer fruits, people!



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