Fall Bling.

guess what? it’s not fall anymore. but i wish it was because fall is the best time of year in Humboldt County. it’s warm, clear, and full of beautiful colors.

so, i’m kind of a dork in a wannabe-marthastewart-workfromhome-charlotteyork kind of way in that i like my home to reflect the season. i was inspired by a friend’s fall mantle and decided that mine needed a makeover as well.


i am admittedly a trinket-type person.  i like baubles and have to restrain from collecting clutter especially if i don’t get rid of old items when new things catch my eye and i bring them home. like lost kittens. in with the new, out with the old. ok, not at all like lost kittens.

this mantle contains some of my very favorite items  including: 1) vintage glass washboard, 2) handmade baskets that isaiah and i, well, handmade, during an ethnobotany class, 3) succulents, 4) buttons!, ) yellow, orange, lavender, 5) pyrex, 6) owls from my grandma, and 7) the most killer thing i have EVER found on craigslist – an old type setters drawer! the drawer has an ornate pull and next to it is an old, yellowed sticker that says the font size and type, and “In the heart of the Great Redwood Belt with its many Large Lumbering Mills, Fine Ranches.”  rock!!

if you want to see what the mantle looked like before the edit, you can check out this here post.

peace out babies.


2 thoughts on “Fall Bling.

  1. heh heh. i like how you assume that i am doing this now! i can barely get from room to room right now – these pics are all from better, more mobile times.

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