Dreaming of Fire.

so i am sitting, sitting, sitting around waiting for my cells to regenerate. sounds electric right? i recently had major knee surgery (MCL, ACL, and meniscus repair) and besides doing physical therapy three times a day, guess what i am supposed to be doing? NOTHING. not a goddam thing! just sit around. sit there. wait for the bone to regrow around my new ligaments. sitting, sitting, sit, roll, adjust, sit, sitting.

i am in hell.

so while i O.D. on Sex and the City reruns, trashy magazines, and easy snacks, i got to thinking about summer, friends, and more mobile times.

IMG_2017hosting a fire out on the deck over the summer is pretty much the best thing that could ever happen to me. preempt that with a local baseball game and a food truck burrito and you have everyday magic. my good pal, JB, of Jason Barnes Photography had a fab idea one evening. He is always coming up with something amazing to photograph.


JB did all the work; I sat on the sidelines snapping photos. He had the idea to tie a rope to a metal whisk, fill the whisk with steel wool, then light the wool on fire. Our other friend, Chris (who just had a meniscus repair, coincidentally) spun the flying, fiery contraption to create this effect!

IMG_2024I stole JB’s flash to capture this killer picture of Chris. Such a great summer night, thanks friends!



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