Drunken Apple

hi ya’ll!

this delicious cocktail is so easy to make that it hardly seems to warrant a blog about it. but because it’s so easy, maybe you will get right on it, and have a glass tonight.

i was inspired to throw this together for a dinner i was making for friends by this lovely blog!  her images are beautiful and the ideas are gems. her recipe suggests using Riesling for the wine but i’m sure i merely used a cheap pinot grigio or chardonnay. my favorite apples are Braeburn, so that’s what i coarsely chopped to soak in the wine.


sometimes i plan my meals and cocktails well in advance, but more often than not, i do things at the last minute. so true to form, i started infusing the wine with the apples in the afternoon for the evening meal. and it turned out great! i also did not add any sparkling wine even though i am totally addicted to it right now. i think people often use champagne to celebrate a special occasion, so i guess in this house, a Thursday is a special occasion. anyway, leave the apples in the wine for as little as two hours, or up to 24. if the apples get brown, remove those apples before serving and add fresh apples for garnish.  enjoy!



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