old dresser made older.

so if you were to see me and isaiah’s first house together, you would say that the decor was 70s thrift store specials meets poor kid frat house with a little childhood bedroom thrown in. we loved it, we loved buying furniture together,  and now nearly allll of that junk is gone, except for this.

this 70s style dresser has been in our shed for ages. it was a spider motel with mold for drapes. the wood was damp and swollen so the drawer and sliding doors barely worked. i almost got rid of it a million times as it has been in that shed for over 3 years. then i decided…project!  i’ve always wanted to learn how to distress furniture. you know, like take a piece that is new (or newer) and make it look like it was handed down to you from your grandma’s grandma. ’cause let’s be honest, not all grandmas have good taste in furniture, so we didn’t all end up with some rad, vintage hutch like this or this!

anyhooters, so i wanted to distress the shit out of this thing and use it for more storage in my kitchen. i wanted it to be light and subtle whilst trying to rid it of that essence d’ Bee Gee. first, i took it apart, sanded it a little, and cleaned it. (oh wait, reaaaaly first, i looked up on the hyperweb how to distress furniture.  you can too!)

next, i applied a base coat of matte white paint and i didn’t make it too pretty or perfect. i applied more paint in some places than others. i then sanded off some paint in places that made sense if the piece had experienced wear and tear, like corners, handles, face of sliding doors, etc.

then i distressed this dresser by whacking it with a hammer, scratching it, thwacking a chain against it – general mayhem kind of shit. i bought dark stain at the hardware store (coffee grounds also work, i’ve heard), and rubbed the stain into areas of the dresser that again, would’ve seen wear over time.  wipe away extra stain.

result. (you wanna hear something funny, i ALWAYS mistype ‘result’ and type ‘reslut’. in professional documents it doesn’t go over that well.)

and because i want to incorporate more white into my decor like my pal Marisa (don’t be afraid of white people), I painted the little green shelf thing too.

now go get your distress on.


One thought on “old dresser made older.

  1. It’s true, don’t be afraid of white people. On the whole, we’re pretty nice folks.
    Well done, Sara. Looks pretty cool.

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