dumps are rad.

did you all know that i work at the dump? it’s a transfer station in Eureka, CA and for an upcycler like me, it’s (sometimes) a dream job! it’s also a heart-crushing job when you see all the amazing things that people throw away. we humans, are so wasteful, and the lure and ease of chucking something out of the back of your vehicle into a pile of garbage is too irresistible, i guess.

i mainly work in an office at the dump, but occasionally i will walk out to the trash heap to see if i can score any goods to clean up, repaint, repurpose, reupholster, or rejuvenate. there are often WAAAYYYYY too many items of interest and i have to force myself to not see how awesome that old wood framed window would look on my wall.

one day, i spotted this beauty.

err, uhh, and by “beauty” i mean a gross, greasy, dirty, smelly old bar chair.  now, i’m lame and didn’t take any photos of the reupholster and clean-up process. sorry. but i will tell you what i did.

i removed the screws holding the chair cushion to the chair, pried out rusty nails, and took off the old horrifying orange vinyl. miraculously, the cushion itself wasn’t too gross so i just thwacked it many times to remove dust/dirt/small body parts.  i spray painted the chair frame black with several coats of Krylon matted black spray. Krylon is my fave. Next, i had recently bought some fabric from IKEA, which is rare for me since i find a lot of thirftstore fabric, but i couldn’t pass it up and recovered the cushion. and…

tada! my only regret is that i didn’t grab TWO chairs from the dump! there were like, 10 of them there! crap.

now what else should i do with this crazy fabric??



2 thoughts on “dumps are rad.

    • so at first, i was like, are you drunk Mike? i am using a loud font?!?!?! then AH! I see! I will proceed to make pin cushions with the loud fabric. Onward!!

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