deviled eggs to make you popular.

so i’ve been away. not really, that’s a lie. i have been getting married. also a lie, ’cause that statement would imply an event that happened over time. the truth is, i got hitched, and that took less than an hour. but leading up to that moment and all that followed required months of planning (as weddings typically do); it was the largest event i have ever planned and the most energy that i have every put into anything (besides the relationship that proceeded said marriage). ever. so, i’m gonna talk more about the wedding, and all the food, crafts, good ideas, horrible shitty ideas, decor, etc. later! sheesh!

this post is about a fun, simple, odd-looking treat. it doesn’t have a name, but heck, i should name it right now. Let’s call it Senor Devil.

It’s basically deviled egg filling (which you know how to make), and guacamole (which you also know how to make), loaded into two separate plastic baggies, snip the corners and squeeze like frosting into the awaiting egg shells.


now you no longer have to be embarrassed at picnics, potlucks, or brunches with your lame, boring, regular deviled eggs! you will be a hero and everyone will love you if you make these. also, add a little red for garnish and call them Rasta Devils. but that probably only works in my neck of the country. enjoy!


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