i love lamp.

quick and dirty lampshade project.

i recently purchased these really cute Crate and Barrel lamps off of craigslist, but they came to me without lamp shades. being totally against purchasing new shades, nor feeling that i would have much success with finding shades at a local thrift store, i stared searching the hyperwebs for a DIY lampshade project.  i always just search the images and quickly found this!

i unfortunately didn’t take pictures of my process, which was rudimentary and hurried at best, so follow the link for your own health and sanity.

i dug into my toy box filled with paper, pens, photos, chalk, crap, stuff, shit…and found an old music show poster, some wrapping paper, and poster with native trees of the pacific northwest. i was uber sloppy about making sure that the papers were all the same size, and i didn’t give a care to be sure that the folds were uniform. finally, i heated up the ole hot glue gun. i wrapped the folded paper around the wire frame (not shown, but came with the lamp), and held the shade at the angle that i thought would work for the lamp. i then asked my trusty sidekick, isaiah, to squirt hot glue all along the points where the paper met the metal frame. quick, dirty, and totally satisfying.








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