butter me up.

ok, i suck! i have not written is so long. but i just did a really cool project, so i am back in the saddle.

Cultured Butter! need i say more?! it is yummy butter, with a tangy kick. and with the live cultures, you can convince yourself that it’s good for you.

this is what you will need to do it.

1 QT heavy cream or man. cream.
1/8 tst direct set mesophilic starter
salt and/or herbs (optional)
food processor
muslin or cheese cloth
dairy thermometer

start with the cream. make sure that it is between 57-61 degrees. for me and my cold ass house, that is room temperature.

add the mesophilic culture. you can get this in the freezer section at the Co-op. if you read reaaaaalllly close, you will see that it says 1 packet will set up 2 gallons of milk. so this shizzz lasts a long time.  store in your freezer at home.

so, when your cream is between 57 and 61 degrees, add 1/16 tsp starter to it and stir a little bit. now, i don’t know about you but i don’t have a thing that measures 1/16, so i used a 1/4 tsp, and eyed about 1/4 of that. it’s small yo.

now wait 12 hours.

oolala. your cream will now look like this! now, i personally had to wait 24 hours before the next step. and it was still fine.  it may have even been better. who knows.

next step- put this in the fridge for 4-6 hours. again, i had to wait ~8 hours and it didn’t seem to matter. then pull it out of the fridge and warm in back up to 57-61. now you are ready for the food processor.

add cream to food processor, i did it in two batches. start processor until it looks like this! this is pretty much the BEST part of the whole process, so keep you eyes glued! it will take about 2 minutes. you can eat it right now if you like, but it will take more like buttery sour cream.

line a colander with muslin or cheese cloth. i think muslin is the way to go, but all i had was cheese cloth, so there you go.  plop your buttery substance in there.

rinse under cold water. now, i thought that at this stage, i had TOTALLY ruined the whole thing. it looked not right and all  runny. booo, now i have to start all over. BUT! as the water drained out, i could tell that the butter remained. and i was actually rinsing out the whey or buttermilk or whatever the heck it is. the recipe says to rinse until the water comes clear. i found that it was hard to do that. but i did rinse and press water out at least 3 times.

i eventually refined my technique and folded the corners of the cheese cloth together to press out the water. this takes patience.  and the butter sticks ALL OVER your hands! just rinse with cold water.

taDA!! this is actually only part of the yield, it was a LOT! if you stay diligent, you can press out a bunch of water and end up with dellllish butter.

store your cultured butter in the fridge for 7 days, or freeze some for later.  ok, i gotta go eat some. it’s so freaking good.


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