not your mom’s vodka.

weeeeel, maybe not *your* mom’s vodka, but my mom loved her vodka.

mmmmm. strawberry-infused vodka!

i got this idea from my new favie blog, Punk Domestics. they have all sorts of useful information for the contemporary domestic in all of us.

now, when i interned at Deepseeded Community Farm, Eddie gave me a wonderful parting gift…a shit ton of strawberries. so this, and the next post will be strawberrrrific. (sorry).

get some vodka, this is an entire bottle. cut up strawberries and fill ‘er up. store your jar in a dark, cool place. stir/turn everyday.

fish the strawberries out after 5-7 days. (taste vodka to determine when ready).

doesn’t this look yummy? don’t you want to reuse them for something? well DON’T!!! they are gross, and booze-soaked and not, not, not edible. isaiah thought that he would re-purpose these suckers. ohhh, it was so awesome to watch him try these babies.

see, this is a before and after. g-to-the-motha-effin’-ross.

punk domestics suggests that you strain the vodka thru a coffee filter. the liquid will be clear, beautiful red, rather than opaque.

i did not. see, opaque. but still delish.

enjoy yo!


One thought on “not your mom’s vodka.

  1. I did this a couple of weeks with blackberries and they TURNED WHITE WHEN THE VODKA HIT THEM. It was the creepiest thing ever… albino blackberries. The vodka was really good though. I didn’t think to try strawberries. I’ll have to do that next.

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