can do.

dilly beans with lindsey byers!

i recently took another canning CSA class, and Dilly Beans were on the agenda.  Needed ingredients include: (makes 6 pints)
3 lbs green beans, trimmed
6 garlic cloves
6 tsp mustard seeds
6 fresh dill heads
3.5 cups water
3.5 cups white vinegar
2 tbls pickling salt

we were making waaaay more than 6 pints, so we needed waaaaay more green beans (and other ingredients). it took a while to wash, sort and trim the beans to fit into jars…BAM!!!


and choppin’…

and CHOPPIN’!!!

so, this recipe uses the raw pack method where you shove the ingredients in a jar, then fill with hot brine. (zucchini relish was a hot pack recipe. ) each pint jar receives a garlic clove, a fresh dill head, and a tsp of mustard seeds.

seriously, isn’t that so effing gorgeous?! blowin’ my mind people.

ok, so after all that schtuff is put in the jars, you have to find a  way to pack those puppies tightly with green beans. there were several different techniques employed. i prefer the method where you shove as many into your hand as possible, eyeball the jar and the length of the beans, now chop off one end of the bunch in your hand, and put the blunt end down into the jar. shooooooove!

the above picture reveals the various packing methods. lindsey suggested that we leave the untrimmed ends facing up, this way, we can pluck them out of the jar and snack on them with ease!

now fill with the hot liquid (water, vinegar, salt) 1/2 inch from the top of the jar.

now put lids on, set in a boiling water bath for 5 minutes (after water comes back to a boil) and take out to cool.

wait ’til the jars cool completely, then store for at least 3 weeks until eating! enjoy!


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