fava bean, are you still on my shit list?

hey ya’ll, remember when i tried to cook fava beans and it turned out really delish?! yeah, i don’t remember either. because they turned out muy terrible! and i VOWED to try again until i arrived at the fava bean truth.

so these little beauties are also called Broad Beans. i don’t know where they call them that. here in this house, we call them fava beans. and let me tell you, the jury is still out on if i friggin like these suckers or not. they seem like a lot of work for a funky flavor. BUT, i know that many would disagree and think that these beans are the cat’s meow. AND I WANT TO THINK THAT TOO! I WANT TO LOVE THEM!

these are fresh fava beans, not the dried version that i unsuccessfully dealt with earlier. and this is how they are prepared.

first, remove the beans from the pod. this is fairly fun and easy. pick out any odd looking beans and toss.

now you may think that you are done! ready to cook! and mash! or not! and eat! BUT YOU WOULD WRONG. you have to now remove the outer layer/shell thingie from the bean. this is harder to do, so parboil the bean to easily remove the skin. parboiling, or “the partial boiling of food as the first step in the cooking process”, barely cooks the bean and loosens the outer coating. now stick in ice-chilled water to stop the cooking process.

remove shells/coating/skin with your fingers. the following is a bkrhgbc picture, but you can see the skin pile in the foreground. (eww, “skin pile”)

take that skin pile and eat it. kidding. toss.

now, you can eat the beans how they currently are, or if you want them to be a little more tender, you can put them back in the water, and bring them to a boil for several more minutes. we ate them “as is”, tossed with olive oil, fresh garlic, salt and pepper. success! the Fava Saga ends.  (i think. )



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