spritz me.

spritzer (n) : a tall, chilled drink, usually made with white wine and seltzer or club soda.

but surprisingly (because it’s me), this is a non-alcoholic spritzer. more of a soda. a lavender soda! mmmmm.

this spritzer is very simple. i collected sugar from the pantry, water from the faucet and lavender from the yard.

beautiful lavender, so fragrant and useful for so many things. anyway, put water and sugar in a pot at a 1:1 ratio. heat the water until sugar is dissolved.

now add the lavender flowers and stir. remove from heat and allow to sit for about 1/2 hour.

after the mixture has rested for a bit and cooled, pour into a container and put in the fridge. this infused simple syrup should be used within a week, otherwise it really loses a lot of flavor.

so i dont know if i told ya’ll that i have a soda stream! a freakin’ club soda maker. you take tap water, fill the special bottle, insert into a simple device that has a CO2 cartridge, and carbonate the water! ta da! no more buying plastic bottles and throwing them out, no more La Croix/Klarbrum/Crystal Geyser delicious flavored soda water. you can make your own.

now take your homemade soda water and pour over the lavender infused simple syrup- SPRITZER!!


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