life’s a craft.

the sun came out, and so did the camera. as we live in a converted greenhouse, the living room and kitchen were illuminated!

so, life is a craft. i obviously like to fill the house with a random menagerie of crap. or crafts. one man’s crap, is another woman’s craft!

ah! i just noticed that our orange cat, Foster, is heading out the door. other things to notice in this pic? turquoise,  opened alasakan ale on the counter, United States puzzle from childhood, Nikki McClure framed graphic, aaaaand sunlight.

the following may be ideas/crafts that fit into your home. and since i’m poor, all of these ideas are well within your reach.

i found this sweet old turquoise suitcase at a secondhand store, and didnt know how to use it. so i set it on a shelf, screwed it to the wall and filled it with yarn. the suitcase shelf inspired me to make this area a craft center, so i located knitting needles, paint brushes, yard stick, crochet hooks, small yarn scraps, and Camilla (can you see her?) here.

the large jar on the left is filled with white lights and corks.

antique buttons, turquoise hemp string,  and a couple of old metal storage box thingies that i found at a church that was up for sale.

one of my most favorite finds! i tracked down this old printing shelf on craigslist; it used to contain 6 point, Divinne Condensed font metal letters to create newsletters, signage, etc. near the pull is a typed label, stating “In the heart of the Great Redwood Belt with its many Large Lumbering Mills, Fine Ranches.” love!

i found the cream samsonite suitcase at a secondhand store in Morrow Bay, the chicken was purchased for me by my girlfriends in Anderson Valley, and the owl (needing to be relocated) is from my gramma that passed away.

i really wanted to create a chalkboard in my kitchen, but seeing as i don’t actually own these cupboards, i found a piece of masonite, painted it with chalkboard paint and held it in place with the turquoise hemp. now honestly, i find it way easier to cook dinner when the meals are laid out ahead of time. i don’t have to put effort into thinking. so we use this chalkboard to meal plan. wahoo!!

spices! this rack is created from a couple spare pieces of wood i found when we moved into this place. i painted and mounted the wood. the old wooden level was purchased at our recycling center, it has a teeeeny but of water still in the glass tubes. drying herbs on a chain, old rug smacker, blue Mason jars, antique orange juice squeezer and NEON nail polish yo!!!

and finally, one of my favorite projects! a ladder pantry! i found this idea in a Real Simple magazine ages ago, purchased the ladder on craigslist and had the dude down at the lumber yard cut me shelves. the stacking baskets to the right are for glass and paper recycling, reusable paper and plastic bags, and shopping bags go on top. if you moved that broom on the far right, a massive pile of dirt and cat hair would say HI!! good cover.

anyway, thanks for reading. i realize that this post is more of a keepsake for me, and less cool for you.



4 thoughts on “life’s a craft.

  1. I love that suitcase idea! Genius! I’m wondering if I could get away that or if my kitties would instantly jump inside and pull the whole thing down. Stupid furry little love monsters…

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