a healthy green apple (martini).

need i say more? i really don’t think i need to, but you really need to know what goes into this tasty beauty.

remember when i got a juicer? and how i juice the crap out of everything now? and how juicing is really healthy for you…wellllll, i kind of found a way around that whole “healthy” part. ADD VODKA.

the other day, i was thinking that a caramel apple martini would be really good, so i decided to try out a few ingredients. first, juice some green apples and add to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. add a shot to a shot-and-a-half on vodka. add in a smidge of vanilla extract (don’t use the cheap stuff, it won’t be good), and a large pinch of sugar. i bet brown sugar would be good as well.  now shake shake shake. oh! and! instead of adding the sugar to the martini shaker, you could rim the martini glass with sugar.

i also did a little research (on the hyperweb) and found out that oooother people use butterscotch schnapps to create the carmely flavor, but not me. i didn’t have any of that and what the heck would i do with a whole bottle of butterscotch schnapps?! pawn it off on a sixth grader?! no.

anyway, enjoy.


One thought on “a healthy green apple (martini).

  1. I tried the last cocktail you suggested (with the Ruby Red) and it was AWESOME! I love this idea, everything is better with vodka. I like to count it as a serving of vegetables. It’s practically a potato, right?

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