still not fava beans.

remember when i tried to make fava beans when i was really trying to make lima beans? well, i did actually make the “not fava beans” dish courtesy of my friend bethie. follow the link for the recipe, but see below for the beauty.

these beautiful beans were ordered from Rancho Gordo. check it out ya’ll. cook these beans like you would any other (EXCEPT FAVAS!!). i did the No Soak method.

i roasted these beautiful golden and red beets. i think they lived in the fridge for about four years. but they were still tasty…

…and gorgeous! holy crap! if you think that you don’t like beets, you really need to rethink your position. remove skins, toss with olive oil and roast.

dressing in preparation. (isn’t if funny that it looks like it is sunny where i live? because it’s not. it’s grey. and rainy. all. the. time. )

woo woo! finished product. toss beets, cheese, quinoa, beans, and dressing with some butterhead lettuce and onion. whapeecha!!

and on sunny days, celebrate! with the following cocktail, preferably.

this cocktail comes to you courtesy of my lady love, sarah elliott. we met in grad school in Madion, WI and you know what? madison can get oppressively hot and humid in the summer.  she taught me to take my sweaty pits, back, legs, hair in stride with Absolut’s Ruby Red vodka. it is amazing. simply pour shot(s) of Ruby Red over ice, add a healthy amount of bubbly, soda water, and as much lime as you like. the BEST summer drink, hands down.



4 thoughts on “still not fava beans.

  1. That salad looks fantastic! LOVE me some beets. And I do believe I have all of those cocktail staples on hand, I’ll give that a try tonight. Thanks for the great food ideas!

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