just juice it. yeah, i’m talkin’ steroids, yo!

ok, not really. i am talking this…

best gd thing ever!! ever. i found a Juiceman 211 on craigslist for $20 bones. yes, i was skeptical. how rad could a juicer be that is 1) 20 bucks, 2) from eureka (just kidding), 3) ugly white, and 4) called the Juiceman?! gimick? i say yes.

no, no, no my friends. the Juiceman 211 is the shit. it can deal with anything i throw at it. take the above, for instance. to create the rainbow concoction, i simply removed my entire veggie drawer from the fridge, and started tossing produce at the Juiceman.

it is best to drink right away! once most veggies are processed, they begin to lost valuable nutrients and flavor. and get this, you can put any freaking thing you want into the juicer-i’m talking beets, chard, spinach, turnips, broccoli, ANYTHING- and it can taste like shit. BUT, if you add a half of lime…it will be delish. ask kate. she taught me that. (ps. kate can teach you a lot of things, including how to care for your children, but more, how to neglect your children- which is more what i am into. anyway, check her out.)

so, you add some lime and you can drink the healthiest shit, and it will be yummy. but also, you can be a tad bit more strategic with your produce and create some lovely juice concoctions. ps. add ginger.


The Waldorf:
1 stalk celery
2 apples

Energy Shake:
handful of parsley
6 carrots

Body Cleanser:
4 carrots
1/2 cucumber
1 beets

and finally! the following is $3.00 for 6OZ at the natural food store!!!!! use to recover from a cold! amazing. seriously.

Magdalene’s Medicine
orange juice
cayenne pepper.


2 thoughts on “just juice it. yeah, i’m talkin’ steroids, yo!

  1. Hey, I forgot to tell you adding a kiwi also takes out any bitterness you might get with lots o greens. And also, if you use more than a little hunk of ginger, thats pretty much all you will taste.

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