Deepseeded: Onions

(note to self, and you: so just so you know, the ‘Deepseeded’ posts are created at various times so don’t be thinkin’, “ohhhh, why would you be doing that now?!” ’cause we didn’t, we did it then. that is all. )

ONIONS!!! yum, i mean motha effin YUM. i can seriously put onion in anything, maybe even ice cream. well i don’t really like ice cream that much, so perhaps i wouldn’t like that. but i start nearly every meal with sauteed onions. this is how onions grow on the farm before they get to your pretty little plate.

onions are grown in large flats very close together. they are not grown in cells. after they get about this big (see above, heh heh), you separate them and get ’em in the ground.

to prepare for planting, you pull clumps of onions out of the flat and begin to separate each individual onion from the root mass.

line up the onions so that they face the same direction. trim all the roots so that they are the same length- not to long or the onions will be difficult to get in the ground, and not too short or you can compromise the onion’s viability.

to give onions a little kick when they get in the ground, use mycorrhizae powder to stimulate root growth. the powder expands root area, and helps with root connections. this stuff is very expensive, so use sparingly and don’t spill any in front of your boss.

now the fun begins-plug into soil! onions grown large, so plant them 5″ apart. we used a spacing stick to measure, reducing any guesswork and increasing valuable chatting time.

using a trowel, plunge the tool into the soil, pull back soil and slip the tiny onion into the hole making sure that the roots are straight/vertical, not bent (or J-rooted). backfill with soil. Deepseeded puts rowcover over the onions and weeds several times before harvest.

on the same day, we did  a bit with transplanting squash. spring, spring, spring. the following picture just gets me so excited. everything on the farm is so beautiful, picturesque and ready to be experienced.

happy spring ya’ll.

xoxo. sae


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