margaritas done dad style

a super sweet benefit to visiting the fam in san diego is getting the oh-so-secret and delish margarita recipe from my dad. ok, i guess it’s not that secret, but his margaritas taste so good that there should be some black market ingredient in there…like panda tears, or unicorn eyelashes. or something.

mmmm, you want?

– tall glass filled with ice, salted rim
– 2 full shots of tequila (some good stuff, no plastic bottles- dad says)
– 1/2 shot triple sec (cheap triple sec tastes like Triaminic, so don’t get that!)
– splash of orange juice
– fill almost to the top with margarita mix (now, if you wanna make your own mix, go for it. limeade works great!)
– fill the rest of the way with water (you can skip with step if you use limeade)

sounds simple right? you’ve made a thousand margaritas, have you? well then keep on keepin’ on. but for those of you that jones for a tangy treat- try out dad’s recipe!

peace out.


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