your parent’s kitchen

dinner by the seat of my pants at my parents house…

so, my parents eat pretty simple. they have lots of good stuff lying around, but if they are going to have chicken, they simply have chicken. potatoes? how about boiling and salting them with butter. that’s it. fish comes with…fish. a large vat of simple beans? why not.

wellllll, i am not really into it. i love to love food. i love to mix it all together, see what shakes out, and create not only great tasting but beautiful dishes. so, when i go to visit my cute P’s in san diego, i like to subject them to my taste-bud desires, and they graciously allow me to ply them with odd concoctions. they sit patiently, wishing that they could eat salad greens, chips and salsa at 6PM, instead of waiting for their wacko daughter to wrap up her meal-making by 8p!!

but on this delicious night, i found some amazing ingredients in their fridge and cupboards- and went nuts!

my dad likes to cook beans, and these beauties were awaiting me. i added sauteed garlic and onions, and heated thoroughly.i may have added some salsa into these beans as well, but the picture does not reveal this. what else is in that icebox?

ever the contentious spender, dad buys and cooks in bulk. not sure where he got this white fish (did you catch it dad?) but i found it in the freezer, cooked it in some oil, added some lime juice, salt and pepper.

oh wait! here we go. i found some potatoes in the pantry, lightly boiled and cubed these papas before simmering with salsa and more onion in a deep skillet. i didn’t add salsa to those beans as mentioned above.  YUM!!

now, my original idea was to make some bitchin’ ass tacos with all of this. but, the corn tortillas were frozen, and when they defrosted, they crumbled all to hell. so i chopped them into strips and lightly friend them in veggie oil.

almost finished. i sliced orange for garnish and added flavor.

ta-da!!!! one of my favie meals!!! i tossed together the white fish with diced cabbage and fried corn tortilla strips. i created a white sauce out of ranch (hee hee), lime juice, salt, pepper and something spicy, i think. side dishes were savory potatoes and simple beans. oranges to garnish. holy yesssss!



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