Easter, Bloody Easter

ooohhhh yeah! there is nothing like a good Bloody Mary recipe. and until now, i have had NO CLUE how to make this delicious meal in a glass. this easter, we celebrated the zombification of jesus  with a stellar potluck, cocktails, lawn games, costumes (well, just isaiah really), and a rousing game of Bible Charades (who can act out the resurrection, any takers?)

my lovely super chica, beth, is the Bloody Mary Master. the title is official. she rolls up to parties, stocked to the gills with cocktail ingredients, and she aims to please. the following is a step-by-step of how she did it!


  • ice
  • prepared horseradish, 1 tsp
  • Worcestershire sauce, 3 shakes
  • hot sauce, 2 shakes
  • chipotle tobasco, 2 shakes
  • celery salt,  1 tsp
  • salt, 2 grinds
  • pepper, 2 grinds
  • pickled jalapeno juice, splash
  • vodka
  • tomato juice with sodium
  • various garnish (i.e. celery, pickled asparagus,  pickled onions, etc. )

first, fill your pint glass or jar with ice about 3/4 full. begin to add the above ingredients until you hit the vodka. before the vodka, you should have about 1/4 of liquid in the glass. add vodka until over the ice- the glass will be about 3/4 full. now top with tomato juice and garnish with various delicious items. i have even seen beef sticks, which is gross, but funny.

now, here is uber rad fact about ordering a Bloody Mary in Wisconsin. you ALWAYS get a beer back, and by that i mean, your cocktail comes with side of beer (a chaser)- for free. i don’t know why, but it is the shit.
see, lindsey thinks so.

if you are not into the whole Bloody Mary thing, well, you make be into cake. so read on.

this is a bunny cake. not made of bunnies, but you get the idea.

this pic actually highlights plates, but i am a sucker for plates- so i thought they could steal the show for a sec. back to the bunny cake. a crowd pleaser, i will tell you!

make cake batter and put into two round pans, 8″ or 9″, it doesnt really matter. after baking the cake, lay on rack to cool. leave one round in tact, but, with the other round, cut out two “eye shaped” pieces for the ears. i like to round off the ends of those shapes to nestle against the “head”. the piece you have left is now in the shape of a bow-tie. so your bunny can be a male-stripper-kind-of-bunny, which is always appreciated on easter. trust me.

i have put much more energy into decorating in the past, but this year, i wanted to be done with it, and i wanted to omit icing. enjoy!

finally, here is random picture of my kitchen. i thought you may like it because it is filled with turquoise, and when i see a picture with turquoise in it, i get happy! maybe you do to! do you?

peace out.


3 thoughts on “Easter, Bloody Easter

  1. Just when you think Easter couldn’t get any better, it get bloody! Super fun. Most of the time I am cool with not having friends, but whenever I read you posts, I wish I had friends to hang out with.

  2. Uh, little jealous. Down here in Mendoza, where calling the sweet lord Jesus a zombie might just get us crucified ourselves. And, is that a member of the Polyphonic Spree or Isaiah dressed up as J.C. himself?

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