a fall-to-winter meal.

cluck cluck. isaiah and i butchered this chicken and were very excited to eat it; we are committed to knowing where and how our meat is raised (see post of chicken processing in the future)! mmmm, a locally raised chicken has a delicious, gamy flavor. but the trouble with not eating meat for years? you never learn how to prepare it. so, we are still learning…

we decided to stuff the chicken, with uhhh, stuffing.

we added chicken broth, onion and celery to crumbled cornbread.

and we stuffed, stuffed, stuffed. this bird when into the oven to roast.

isaiah grew these small, beautiful squash(es?) at the hospital farm. each one is perfectly-sized for an individual person. the hospital put these babies on the hospital menu!

just cut the top off, scoop out the seeds and bake.

when the chicken was done, we pulled it out and scooped out the stuffing. isaiah and i also butchered a pig last year (more on that later), and had sausage made from it. we added sausage to the stuffing!

now to finish. we filled those delicious mini-pumpkins with the sausage cornbread stuffing, and pulled apart the chicken.

it was a wonderful, seasonal meal. xo


5 thoughts on “a fall-to-winter meal.

  1. What a tasty meal you created! I have to say again what an awesome job Isaiah has, such a contribution to the land, community, and patients! Not too many hospitals in the country where a patient could have a fresh squash grown right outside the hospital doors! Great work!

  2. I helped butcher a flock of chickens once. They were SO well raised… BEST chicken I’ve ever tasted. Not sure if I’ll do it again (even though I know I could!) but I’m REALLY glad I decided to help and know more about the process and where meat really comes from… totally worth it!

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