got crabs? i did.

is it still crab season? Pacific Dungeness Crab season opens december 1st (this post is a little late, but…).
only male crabs are legal to harvest, females are returned to the ocean to support reproduction and sustainable harvesting.

our friends, Tess and Ted, were so very nice to bring us four crabs caught by Tessa’s dad in Crescent City, CA. they are so beautiful!

ok, so how to prepare these beauties? i will try to remember.
first, there are a lot of different ways to do it. but this is what we did.

– heat a large pot of boiling water, some would suggest using salt water.
– drop crabs into the water, bring back to a boil and cook for ~20 minutes.
(some take the carapace (top shell) off of the crab whilst still alive! i just wasnt really into that. taking carapace off before boiling allows cleaning out guts and such. i supported the way we did it.)

– once crab is cooked, pull the carapace off and clean out the gray guts and lungs and such. then, break the crab in half.

start eating! clean out all of the meat in the main body and legs. eat with nothing more than the night air, or dip in garlic and butter. delish!


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