Quick Craft! Scarf Display

hey ya’ll. do you have a lot of hot scarves (no, not SCARS!), that are thrown in a drawer, closet, or can in your room? well, i do. and i always find that if something is not staring me in the face, i usually will not wear it. so, my lovely neck-wears are going un-worn!

until now. create this display using items in your home (but really, who has brackets laying around), or head down to your local Everything Store. i actually had the (ugliest) curtain rod and (UGLIEST) shower rings laying around, which i picked up in a thrift store for $0.99. i seriously urge you to create a cuter display.

ta-DAHHH! random scarfs mashed together will look good in any room. i promise. now go out and wear them all next week.



3 thoughts on “Quick Craft! Scarf Display

  1. OMG this is awesome! I’ve been buying and buying scarves & hanging them over a hanger but this is so much smarter. I’ll just get some shower rings for my closet.

    Great idea Sara!

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