giving thanks in december

isaiah and i spent thanksgiving apart, me is san diego, and isaiah in indiana. since we both love to eat and cook food, and we didn’t quiiiiite get to do it our way, we decided to cook thanksgiving in december. ted and tessa joined us!

it was great to prepare a turkey dinner after Turkey Day as all of the organic, free range poultry was on SUPER SALE at the Co-op. what’s next on the menu?

beautiful corn bread stuffing!

tessa cooked this AMAZING dish that her family typically prepares. thinly slice (we used a mandoline) beets and roast. saute chopped walnuts in a skillet over the stove and season with soy and other seasonings. whip up a blue cheese cream sauce and toss it all together!

sliced sweet potatoes, steamed. one of my favorite dishes is chipotle sweet potato casserole. layer sweet potatoes with cheesy, chipotle mixture and bake.

ted and tessa help out by wrasslin’. love them!

compost filling up! pretty good lookin’ to me.

ok, back to the edible food. of course we had mashed potatoes, with the skins still on. mashed by mixer, NOT the new food processor which turns potatoes to paste!

ted, tessa and isaiah went mushroom hunting and brought back these beauties. they are prepared by dry sauteing the suckers.

the beautiful tessa, preparing a delicious meal.

carving up my first turkey. thanks for the tips Senor Ted.

pumpkin pie from scratch! with isaiah’s beautiful pie crust.

it was an amazing meal with amazing friends. we are very careful about the type and quantity of meat that we consume, so when we have it, we want to use the entire thing! i decided to make turkey stock for the first time. it was easy and tastes great! we had enough to preserve several quarts in the freezer.

thanks for reading! stay tuned for more delicious news!


One thought on “giving thanks in december

  1. I love that you held a Thanksgiving in December- epically awesome idea. It’s so “welcome to 2011” but I just discovered those oversize Bell jars at the co-op and I think they’re going to change my life. No more huge stock pots in the fridge! No more sauce in flat Pyrex’s! And those beets? Look/sound amazing!!!

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