it’s a curry kind of love…

been absent. in many ways. but food, that’s always easy to display. so here it goes…

refrigerator-pantry curry: use what you have!

what do we have? saute two onions until well browned

roast a red kuri, or whatever the heck you have, at 400 degrees until soft

add other things, like hot pepper and garlic

perhaps add some broccoli. add a can of coconut milk and a half opened box of chicken (or veggie) broth.
for good measure, and good flavor, add green curry paste, a bit of fish sauce, couple kaffir lime leaves, soy sauce, and brown sugar.

get that ole squash out of the oven and chop it up, skin and all. add to your dutch oven and simmmmerrrr.

if you need motivation, or lubrication, look to this! but don’t look at your backpack, that has the stuff in it that you are “suppose” to be attending to…

if you need additional inspiration, look to the beautiful, sturdy old things that you may have lying around your kitchen

and then you have dinner. serve over rice, next to the bees wax candles that you got as a gift from nathan/steph wedding in maine this summer, and under the sunflowers from the corn maze on sunday. slivers of basil will be an excellent topper!

enjoy with folks that seem to enjoy those types of things

and let those types of folks take pictures of you, pictures where you look like you are young, like in high school. and be sure that the light and flowers are absolutely the center of attention.

much love. enjoy. xo


3 thoughts on “it’s a curry kind of love…

  1. Oh my- that curry is gorgeous! I shouldn’t look at food blogs when I’m hungry. =) I found you through one of the Humboldt food blogs… The Casual Vegan or Addicted to Veggies I believe. I’m super inspired by all of your delicious local veggies!

    • hi! thank you for your comments! i didn’t know that i was linked to any other Humboldt food blogs! thank you for finding me.

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