how to make an american quilt…

no, not really. it’s really how to make a dress form (a.k.a sewing dummy) from your own body, and duct tape, and a hot assistant…

so i really wanted to make a dress form because i am getting more and more into sewing, and it is really hard to fit a garment to yourself, while you are, well, breathing and living and such. so i needed a dummy of myself so that i could properly fit clothing.

1) the first thing you do is make yourself look reallllly silly…take two t-shirts. cut the body off shirt 1, and sew it on the bottom of shirt 2. cut a sleeve off of shirt 1, and sew it on the neck of shirt two. now you have a lovely, old t shirt dress.

wow, move over vera wang.

2) have your hot assistant start to wrap you in duct tape starting at the waste. you will then do a “cross your heart” thingie with the duct tape. although you may not believe me, my knobs really are NOT lopsided. the assistant just had his own technique.

3) keep taping and taping and taping over the shoulders and around the arms and down the back and such…

…unitl VIOLA!! a duct tape robot girl. you tape around the hips as well. i made sure to mark my waste, mid line, and side lines…now to get it off!

4) after a couple layers of tape (you want it to be sturdy), you have your lovely assistant cut up the back and shimmy yourself outta the thang.

5) tape up the back and stuff yourself with batting. i found a wood hanger that i rested in a notch that i cut out of a large fabric tube, kinda like a wrapping paper tube.

6) stick the tube in a christmas tree holder like i did! then keep stuffing and stuffing and stuffing. you finish the bottom by cutting out a piece of cardboard and taping it into place.

i paper mache-ed my dress form because i wanted it to be attractive as it would live in my living room. i really like how it turned out…

and here is the final product. duct tape sara!


6 thoughts on “how to make an american quilt…

    • i totally googled it. i wanted to buy one, but they are really expensive. so far, i have been fairly happy with it, but i am finding that it would be so much more helpful to have an adjustable dress form 😦

  1. That’s fantastic Sara! Sorry to hear that it’s less functional than you would have liked though. Hope you two are doing well–looks like you’re keeping busy! Drop a line sometime, I’ll try to do the same. Also wanting to start a blog to document our crazy adventures in TX. You inspire me.

  2. That came out FABULOUS! I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Then I need to make a duct tape form of my cat so I can make us matching outfits. The tree stand is genius.

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