the inFARMary

have i written about isaiah’s new job? i think i have, but i haven’t posted any pictures. so i had the chance to swing by the farm and take some pictures.

isaiah is working for Mad River Hospital, they have a farm adjacent to the hospital were the produce is then harvested for the cafeteria! the farm currently doesn’t really look like the above pic, isaiah has plowed under all those rows of sunflowers that remained from the last farmer (why were there billions of rows of sunflowers, you ask? we really don’t know).

cool praying mantis! this mantis was in the hoop house. what a purdy fella! or female? i have no idea.

isaiah watering his first round of starts in the hoop house. he will manage about an acre of land. he spent a giant chunk of time over the holidays looking at seed catalogs (the farmer’s porn), and he finally put in his seed order a couple of weeks ago.

there are a few veggies that are still growing on the land including this beautiful chard and the cabbage below…

everything is going great so far! isaiah has salad mix and spinach going in the hoophouse and he just had a looooong meeting with his boss about volunteers! because isaiah is the ONLY paid employee to plant, weed, harvest, manage this land, he will be heavily reliant on volunteers. this will be interesting as this hospital has a strange policy of only allowing hospital employees to be volunteers; i am skeptical about the amount of commitment and work that isaiah will get from this group…

stayed tuned for more news about isaiah and the Infarmery!


2 thoughts on “the inFARMary

  1. WHOA! This is the coolest thing EVER!!! Love the pictures and explanations! And for one picture I totally envisioned you on the Starship Enterprise.

    Can’t wait to see the new clothes!

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