it’s a wintery update

i was very excited to get a tree this year. we decided not to travel for the holidays until december 24th, so we had the whole month to enjoy a tree. we had not decorated a tree last year so we did not know where to get one in Humboldt County, so this year we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we could cut our own in Loleta. we had so enjoyed cutting our tree in Madison at a local farm, the farm in Loleta was similar, but without the snow.


antique ornament.

in other news, i got new remote clicker thingie for my camera. i am pretty excited to use it to take pics of clothes and other craft action that i may create instead of the wacko timer or the ole arm-hold-out-and-shoot method. yeah!


foster beaaarrrr, bouncing here and there and everywhere…he’s cute so he deserves a couple pictures in this here bloggety. this cat is rad, and isaiah took these rad pics of him knitting. he picked out the color and yarn himself.

after he knits, he usually gets really hungry, then tired.

foster better rest up, because some big changes are coming for that cat. yes, he is no longer allowed to keep his male-ness. his gnards must go the way of the dodo. but to commemorate, here is a lovely photo of foster, or his junk rather, the day before he went under the knife.

adios furrynutz! hee hee.

and in a perfect segue, here is a turkey that we roasted! we had a little bit of a mishap over turkey day, which we couldn’t really call “turkey day”, since our turkey was raw and my dad threw it away. isaiah is still damaged from this event, that is why he bought a whole 13 lb. turkey, weeks after thanksgiving, roasted that sucker, and ate turkey for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week.  it was delicious. we basted the ole girl, flipped her over, made gravy and ate it with scalloped red and purple taters. yummy.

gobble, gobble.

so. where is this blog update coming from on this fine december night? Arcadia, Indiana! isaiah and i are spending the holiday with his family and it has been great. we have spent time with both sides of his family, eaten some great food, watched snow falling, and relaxed!

the lane, before it started snowing.

corn fields and ice.



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