october rhymes with rocktober

hi all!

the fall is such a busy time for us. isaiah wraps up with farmwork, i teach at HSU and maintain the day job, days get shorter, holidays grow nigh, and there is just not enough time for anything. this fall, things are a bit different as isaiah has a new job!!

look for the ‘Infirmary’ post.

anyway, i wanted to post some pictures of various october activities. i also cannot keep up with pictures, blogs, xmas cards, vacuuming, eating, grading, and everything else that is rad.

halloween was great! we went to a zombie prom and i carved a ton of pumpkins. we had delicious food, great music and everyone looked amazing.

we also decided to walk down to the plaza to check out the costumes, as well as the supposed Thriller Dance. well the costumes were a little lame and there was NO Thriller Dance performance. i was seriously disappointed.

but, we were zombies. and we kicked some serious zombie ass. do zombies have beards?

this is Pockets. the picture is not the best as it does not show the magnificent beauty of this little traveler. look at the color scheme of this animal-grey with slate blue eyes?! it was love at first sight. this little gem was sitting on a backpack, tied up outside of a mexican food place. her peeps were inside, eatin’ a burrito. she had been traveling with them her whole, short life and pleasantly slept on the bed roll. i promptly drove home, grabbed the leftover kitten food from the Foster Saga and found the merry men on the plaza. love this little furbie!

as part of out sustainable food journey, we are raising a pig for meat. our pig lives with two other pigs at Johnny and Heather’s house. Isaiah is feeding them a tofu byproduct high in protein. The pen usually looks better than this, they sleep on clean straw and have shelter.

a close up of the cutie. we are very interested in understanding what it actually takes to raise, care for, respect and eventually kill animals for food. if we are going to eat meat, locally and sustainably raised, we need to be able to be part of the entire process. we’ll see what i think after processing day…

and finally, beautiful cosmos out at G Farm. lovely.

OK fall and winter, bring it.


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