apple, peaches, pumpkin piiieee!

well, really just apples and some delicious snacks!

erin and fawn invited us over for an apple pressing party. it was so great! jayme and jason shared some of the apples they had collected with us and also allowed me to climb their fence to snag apples from their neighbor’s tree. hee hee, they are good friends.

erin shows us how the apple press works. apples go on top in the hopper (not shown) and get ground up into the bucket. then, they get pressed and juices fall into big pot!

the press was so beautiful.

isaiah, melanie and jason work together to prep the apples. we pressed different varieties together, not worrying about keeping the flavors separate.

so what do we use the juice for? welllll, you could use it for apple juice if you want, but we are using it to make hard cider! here is a sample from last season, so beautiful!

here is a ‘cider’ lesson. in the US of A, ‘apple cider’ typically refers to unsweetened, unfiltered, non-alcoholic apple juice. but in other countries, ‘cider’ refers to fermented, alcoholic bevies. ‘hard cider’ to us!

apples. you are delicious and i will drink you later. yum.


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