sahhh-weet potatoes!!

hi all!

wanted to get out the update on the sweet potatoes. isaiah harvested them from the field several weeks ago.

October 150

here they are with all of the tops, the greenery, cut off and pushed to the side

October 152

green plastic pulled away

October 155

so because i helped get them out of the ground, i didnt take any other pictures of the process. but, as isaiah forked those ‘taters, i dug them out by hand. there were many small one, medium one and a few big ones. but the worst was that it never seemed to fail that the most beautiful, large sweet potatoes were munched in half by Mr. Gopher.

that asshole.

but here is a half box of the sell-able taters

October 156

small box, big box. we kept some very small roots, i thought that we could deep fry those suckers whole!

October 158

market day! after curing the potatoes in the house (it had to be warm), isaiah got them ready for the market. it was a special one-time-only sale. no other vendor at the market sells sweet taters so we were pretty sure that he would sell out!

October 017

ed from Earthly Edibles graciously let isaiah sell at his stand. because isaiah used ed’s land, water, and stand. they split the profits

October 021

October 023

that basket went fast. he put the best ones out first and moved down from there.

October 027

look at that corn display. so beautiful

October 041

many transactions completed! he indeed did sell out of the potatoes before the market even closed. he talked with people all day about growing the potatoes. it was a great learning experience and he will most likely plant them again next season.

thanks for viewing lovelies….


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