a couple months later…

hey ya’ll! what have you been up to? this is what we have been up to. actually this is a very small, small snapshot of what we have been up to. these pictures are most likely from the last month, so that means…September, i think!

we have had a very busy summer. every weekend was jammed packed with fun. isaiah has been farming like crazy, i have been working at my job (that is not so great) and i have been teaching at Humboldt State since the end of August.

let’s start with some pictures…

July 2009 084 023

we ate tomatoes. beautiful, heirloom tomatoes. food was bountiful this summer.

July 2009 084 028

isaiah grew many things in the yard including sungold tomatoes, basil, chard, kale, tomatillos, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, parsley, lahhddiiddie da. some things did not do that well, and it is truly hard to tend to the yard when there are so many things to choose from on the farm.


i made crafts. i am a sewing machine right now! i dont really know what i am doing, but for the first time, i am not really that worried about making a mistake. i took a sewing class in the spring, as some of you may remember, so now i am goin’ for it. i love making clothes. i have never been that stoked on wearing clothes with logos, now, i can wear a one of kind.

July 2009 084 002

you guys remember this little turd? yes, this is foster and he is now ours. he lives here. he is not going anywhere. and he is a terror.

July 2009 084 021

he has wedged himself in quite nicely. fatty and foster have a special kind of relationship. 1) they are always hungry and will eat your face off if you let them 2) they both cannot wait to get outside after they are done eating 3) fatty puts up with him for some strange, only-cats-get-it reason

July 2009 084 031

but who foster really loves, and by loves i mean drives crazy, is VILAS!! he jumps on her head, bats at her tail, pushes her out of the way to eat her food…all the good stuff. here he is above, dominating her.

July 2009 084 065

here he is. foster. the eating, drinking, playing, biting, in your face- machine.

July 2009 084 057

korbel. isaiah is growing sweet potatoes here as an experiment to see if sweet potatoes will grow in Humboldt County

July 2009 084 075

here they are, coming up through the plastic that warms the soil.

July 2009 084 104

ed’s onions. isaiah is growing his tater experiment on ed’s land- earthly edibles farm.

July 2009 084 109

we have since dug up the sweet potatoes, but those pics are still on the cam. i will get to those later. the yield was OK, he learned a lot, but the GOPHERS, those bastards, did a lot of damage. it was heart breaking to dig up a bunch of big, fat beautiful potatoes…digging…digging…pulling…and then…HALF completely gone in a gophers belly!

we also went to our favorite September activity- Taste of Willow Creek. Saturday night was the delicious local foods dinner at the beautiful Trinity River Farms. That night, we camped out in our tent at Mike’s (Willow Creek Farm) and in the morning, headed down to the river for a swim. Sunday is the wine and food tasting day. You buy a passport and travel to all these different farms to taste wine and see the grounds. So great!

July 2009 084 184

on our way down the flower path to the dinner. the food is all local, beautiful, and oh-so tasty.

July 2009 084 211

seating is family style, dinner is served that was too. all courses come on large platters and you pass them around your table!

July 2009 084 217

i took about a gillion pictures at the dinner, so i wont bore you with that! i could take pictures of food forever. this is trinity river, the view from the dinner area.

July 2009 084 244

oohhhh, and this is what it looks like at night. the farm is just magic. the sky in Willow Creek is always clear and the air is warm. really, magic. come and join us next year, you will not be disappointed.

July 2009 084 305

so after visiting all of the farms the next day, we headed to our last stop, back to Willow Creek Farms. Farmer Mike was giving hay rides, so of course, we hopped on. Here he is with his helper.

July 2009 084 309

these cuties and i were forming bridges on the day and crawling under. a great way to end the weekend and we soon headed home after some more swimming and dinner!

ok, that’s it for now. more news later on isaiah’s new job and adventures…


5 thoughts on “a couple months later…

  1. That is a pretty sweet dress. We were just at a fair checking out a bunch of clothes and stuff that people had sewn and I thought, shit, people should still make more of their own clothes, so that is awesome that you are pulling it off.

    The real reason I clicked on this blog though was because of my hope of seeing one of those badass yams. Get those pictures up! Thats a bummer that the gopher bastards ate a lot of your crop. But it sounds like other than the vermin it was success.

    PS nice photography work. I like the depth of field on the sweet potato pics.

  2. Yeeeaaaaayyyy! Pictures and updates!! Um, that dress you made is totally AWESOME! I love love love it! You could sell it for money at lil’ boutiques! What’s Isaiah’s new job? More updates please. . . Andrew says I should just send an email, as this is getting long for the comments section . . .

    awww shucks, love to you two!


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