hey ya’ll, she’s movin’ up!

so i did it, i did it! i got a new camera. i take a lot of picture, i mean, A LOT. and i am super type-A so i organize them by year and month and event, and so on. sometimes i wish that i was a professional organizer, but that is another blog.

so i got a new camera, a Cannon Rebel XS. it is beautiful and takes amazing picutures…and… i don’t really know how to use it yet. i think that it is pretty much a disgrace to own such an amazing piece of machinery and not know how to use it, so i am working on it.  here are some pics that happened to turn out amazing, i think 🙂

May 2009 166

strawberries from our yard that were there when we moved it. they are very prolific, we are very lucky!

May 2009 174


May 2009 141

poppies from jayme

May 2009 145

May 2009 154


my love, always so photogenic.

enjoy friends


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