Foster: New and Improved

the doc kept him at the vet for a while yesterday and upon arrival, confirmed my worst fear that i would have to continue to flush out the wound on his hiney. bleck!! isaiah was with me this time, i recruited back up. but in truth, it has been WAAAYYY better than i thought it was going to be. NOTHING could be worse than what i saw yesterday morning, so all downhill from here.

we are supposed to keep watching to see that he keeps eating. he eats ravenously, so as long as that continues, we are in the clear. he has no parasites and it seems that his respiratory cold is getting better, but we are supposed to watch that too. this amazing vet (which has STILL ONLY charged me $50!!) is going out of town tomorrow for two weeks. so we are on our own.

foster 003

this morning when i opened the bathroom door, he JUMPED out of his bed. he JUMPED down the stairs and ran around, yip yip yip. he likes to be in between our feet, bat at the broom and climb the arm of the couch to be as close to us as possible.

foster 007_a

thanks for the feedback everyone! i really appreciate it. here are some flowers for you.

foster 008


One thought on “Foster: New and Improved


    oh Foster, you are so sweet and such a brave little guy. and what a great vet—im really glad that everything is so much better today. i dont blame Foster for not letting you you guys out of his sight…

    good luck with your butt cleaning duties 🙂

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