good thing he swerved…

cori and i were doing the usual, walking down in the bottoms (farmland) on a very nice, clear summer evening. as we approached a familiar farm and farmhouse, i noticed that there was something on the road- it was orangish. now, i would have thought that it was just trash, farm debris, etc., but that type of think is typically not an orange mound.

i kinda forgot about it for a sec as cori and i pursued our usual conversation topics- today was “soul mates”.  then i noticed a car quickly approaching. i was REAAALLLY hoping that the car did not run over the “garbage”. as i said, i suspected otherwise.

the car was heading straight for it, but at the last minute, it swerved very purposefully. suspicion confirmed. it had to be an animal. i watched the car stop, slam into reverse and back up to see the thing on the road. the female passenger rolled down her window, then turned to her male counterpart. they both got out of the car and walked around to the object.

i stopped dead in my tracks, now no more that 30 feet away. i just knew that it was  cat and for some reason, my legs stopped working at the thought of seeing a half alive, mostly dead little beast in the road. i could NOT see this! i could not save it, i could do nothing, i had no control. so i just stopped. cori kept walking to check it out. she doesn’t have animals so i think that she could be a bit more disconnected. i overheard the gal from the car say, “will you please just pick it up?” as the man was shooing it off of the road with his boot. i said, “NO!” and cori turned to me, as she arrived at the beastie and said, “it’s alright”. so i continued forward.

what we found was a sad sight. enter, Foster.


this little orange beast was barley mobile. it was trying to make it off of the road with the man’s bootheel at its back. it was matted with mud, covered with its poo and other barnyard poo, had mere fur covering its bones, oozed goo from eyes/nose/mouth and was wobbly and lethargic. i don’t know what happened, i don’t know what came over me, i shoved my hands in my sleeves and bent down and picked the thing up. now all eyes were on me. the young car couple had a crying baby in the back seat, i looked at them and looked at cori and said, “i got it from here, thanks for stopping” car people.

put the thing in my shirt and kept on walking.

what the HECK am i going to do with the is sick, barely alive, kitten?!

isaiah will kill me, fatty will kill me, vilas will kill me.


i didnt really know what to do with it. although i love cats (which is TOTALLY weird if you knew me 5 years ago), i dont really know about caring for them other than leaving out food and having isaiah change the litter. that’s about it. i didnt really want to touch it because who know what the heck was on it??

i isolated it to the bathroom, gloved up, and dove into full time cat care provider mode. i gave the thing a sponge bath, focusing on cleaning his (?) face and paws. there were areas on him that i just had to avoid. weird white cluster/clumps on his fur (oh god! what could that be?) and a lot of mess in the nether region. he immediately drank water and almost ate my finger off when i hydrated some dry cat food and gave it to him. i thought things were going well.


stop reading if your don’t want to be scarred for life 🙂

i called around to some care shelters the next morning and talked to a very chatty lady that said that she could not take him because he was sick, but would neuter him for almost nothing when he was healthy. i described the ailments of the beast and she said…that those white clusters were most likely fly eggs (aka. maggots. AHHAHHHHALKHFLKHGHA!!!!!, my EARS!!! never say that again!!! NEVER NEVER. let’s just go with fly eggs, OK?!) and they were eating him right now. i put down the phone, stared out the window for a couple of minutes, called the vet and told them that i would be there in 20 minutes. and did just that.

the doctor was awesome. i told him my story. he said that he would like to keep the kitten to clean it (thank you lord of the vets), give it a shot to clear its chest congestion, gave me antibiotics to clear the eyes- and charged me for a single visit! whew! i came back in an hour to this.


he was clean and he purrs like crazy and meows like crazy! i kept the other cats out of the house while i made dinner and Foster followed me all around the kitchen. he is very happy and has even started to play a little, like a kitten should.


he did great again last night. eating, drinking, sleeping like a champ. his eyes are clearing up. the vet wanted to see him again this morning to check him and give him another dose of some potion or another.

stop reading if you care about your sanity 🙂

i was about to go for a run at the marsh and checked on Foster to say hey what’s up…and he was NOT that good. still in good spirits, still purring, still eating…but the nether region was WHACK!! some bloody action and when i peered down there, i was horrified! pulsing mass. jutting out. that is all i can say about that. (ok, i am about to pass out)

“ok, little cutie, you’re going to be fine (gag gag), let’s just get you to the vet ASAP (about to pass out, breathe, ok) “. meow meow. “you are doin’ so great little friend, let’s get in the carrier”. where are my keys? i cannot get him there fast enough. the radio is on. the tea kettle is on. can’t find the keys. fatty is trying to get in. why am i wearing  my slippers out to the car? don’t care.

the vet, all calm and collected, lifts the beast up, ass end first. “huh”, he says. “i’d like to keep him to clean this out”. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  “gotta get rid of this fly strike”. yes friends, the flies now want to live inside the little beastie. WHAT have i got MYSELF into, SERIOUSLY?!

so that’s it. the baby is now at the vet and they are working their magic and hopefully they will tell me to “give the cat two of these and call me in the morning” and NOT “you will have to redress the wound ever couple hours”. please  no.

if he makes it, IF, there has already been quite a bit of attention surrounding this cute orange fellow. it seems to be a common fact that orange, male cats are just about the best cats that have ever lived. so i am hopeful that getting him adopted will be no problemo.

as for now, we have Foster, and we will see what happens.

PS. Kate, we are REALLY trying not to become crazy cat ladies. i swear!!


One thought on “good thing he swerved…

  1. Foster is a lucky little guy—oh my god that poor thing. what a nightmare. you’re so great for saving him and helping him recover. who knows, you may have just added one more to your little cat-family 🙂 i SO hope that you get good news from the vet today. will you keep me posted?

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