we want the large, of course!

so we went out to one of our favorite mexican resaurants the other night, Carmela’s mexican food. we were excited because we were almost in time for happy hour and cheap margaritas. i was gearing up to work my magic and see if we could still get the deal at 6:10p when the official party ended at 6:00p.

well the server was totally awesome and she said no problem. “do you want the large or the regular?”, she asked. well the large, of course. “some people complain that the large is too big and they whine that they can’t finish and i just don’t understand that because we are basically giving it to them for free”, she continued. oh yeah, i felt her pain. i mean, who can’t finish a full sized margarita? i have never seen a marg that i couldn’t best.

well, we were wrong.


double fistin’ this single drink. i did not get much farther than this.


isaiah tried the stare-down-that-marg method and i think that he succeeded. his hollow leg, the place that he stores all of his food and drink, helped too.

Carmela’s margarita, you have bested us. but i will try again.


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