7:15 stop! OK, I will.

yes, this is the last 715 stop! i kinda made it five months but i miss so many days, more like ignored my 715p alarm, that i realized that it was time to throw in the towel. so here is the last installment. this is what i learned.

1) in the summer, when the days last long, 715p is a very boring time. it is before anything cool happens. you are most likey brushing your teeth or eating chips and waiting to hang out with your friends.

2) lives are pretty interesting. but you never really get it on film. so it is better to just hang out with people in person, maybe this is why i miss people all of the time.

3) i hate my camera. so i bought a new, beautiful one. and you will see the results of this purchase very soon.

4) blogs are the new diary, and since i wrote in a diary religiously as a kid (OK, i stopped like 4 years ago), i would like to write in a blog more often. actual stuff, that i am thinking.

march_april 2009 002

isa must have been feeling sick. which emergenC to choose?

march_april 2009 004

making dinner. salty sunflower seeds are so much better than the raw ones isaiah buys. belck!

march_april 2009 005

lucas from madison came to visit. and it was 715p

march_april 2009 012

i was talking with Clevie and needed a way to represent. the Tribe will do.

march_april 2009 037

what  a loser way to end it. but the cool part is that the screen shows me posting a blog. so it’s very circular really.



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