Ode to Thunder and Lightning

Dear Thunder and Lightning,

I have missed you so. Whenever I think of the you, I miss the midwest and the best part of the midwest summer-thunder and lightning.


Last summer, you Lightning visited a large part of California. You started many brush fires and you made trips to the river an overall drag as the smoke choked out most of the lovely days and irritated our eyes. Thunder was not as prevalent and neither was Rain. Had rain showed up, maybe we would not have lost so many conifers. But what do I know?

What i do know is that Thunder and Lightning are here right now! Outside of my window and Rain has come too. I can smell the wet asphalt, one of my favorite smells. And it looks like night although only 5:30p. This is rare for the coastal range and i am loving every clap.

Thanks for stopping by you dreamy little weather pattern.


One thought on “Ode to Thunder and Lightning

  1. I love that smell – rain on dry pavement! There’s tons of thunderstorms here in Colorado and Big D and I are in heaven because of it. As long as we don’t think of that scene from Poltergeist…

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