the holidays happened.

a little late. a lotta late. here are some pictures of us visiting san diego for xmas.


holiday card! i wanted something that was specific to where we were living, and rthe beach is definitely unique. it felt very weird to be in the middle of winter without snow.

here is a picutre of my best gf kate’s son finn looking very cute. he is getting really big. isaiah and him have a special kind of relationship. i think because they both really love food.


ok, this really was not taken at xmas, but is the most recent pic that i have of the whole fam. so here they are! liz, rus, sara, tessa, tyler and niece cyprus


a cute one of some of my favorite people, isaiah and cy walking around in Ramona.


xmas eve party that i have not made it to in years. it was nice to be back in CA to see everyone at the old neighborhood. Kate, on the right, and Angela, on the left are two of my oldest friends. our mom’s were pregnant together. your mom.


isaiah got a new shovel.


cyprus got a snow white dress. she was riding a scooter around in the thing, it was hilarious.


and i got these super beautiful kitchen towels. i can’t even think about wiping my hands on them.


this is kate’s other son, reid, jumping off the giant rock. he did this stunt many times so that i could get a good picture 😉


isaiah and jeremiah chillin’ out in the spa at kate’s.


and finally, me, my sis and cy cy.

it was a great holiday. we were fortunate to pick up a new car in san diego and we drove back to nor cal. isaiah had never seen the state before, and traveling by car is a great way to see it!



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