7:15 Stop! Some March and April

the 7:15 stop project has gone awry, but it has become pretty fun because when i go to post the pictures, they are a surprise to me too. some nights i have my camera, some nights i don’t, my cell phone camera broke so i can’t even use that when i forget to take the camera with me.  the pictures are random and i have no idea what night is what, maybe it’s better this way.

march-2009isaiah and laundry

march-2009-27isaiah and tiffany chatting

march-2009-35practicing modern in the living room

march-2009-38isaiah and mexican food. he looks awesome.

april-2009dinner party?

april-2009-11knitting and america’s biggest loser?

april-2009-13using the gift certificate i won to Wildflower Cafe.

april-2009-14first 7:15 at shower time.

april-2009-22cori talking about costa rica before dinner time.

april-2009-237:15 at shower time again, twice in two months, whoaaa.

april-2009-28isaiah thinking about dinner.

april-2009-33lora and isaiah talking about something serious.

april-2009-35answering an email.

april-2009-36bicycle abs

april-2009-37new Arcata Theater


refinishing a toybox that i have had since i was in third grade! i am ridiculously attached to things.

april-2009-57goin’ somewhere with the lover man

april-2009-58dinner and sex and the city

april-2009-59yummy salad

april-2009-67on my way somewhere, i guess i needed my knitting book.

april-2009-92making cookies!

april-2009-95cori and dinner!

april-2009-98more computer. why can i not get that damn wireless router to work!

april-2009-99isaiah and cereal and one of the most hilarious pictures of him. ever.


3 thoughts on “7:15 Stop! Some March and April

  1. these pics make me so happy..i love seeing you guys doin’ the everyday in your natural habitat. ha.

    can i have a print of this last pic or send me the file? its so perfect. i heart cereal and you guys are pretty cool too.


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