The Greenhouse

we moved! into a …greenhouse. yes, not kidding. this detached 1 BDR used to be a greenhouse and workshop, converted into a house. it makes for some intresting living. for example, when i come home from work around 5p, it can be as warm as 80 in the house. some house plants love it, others are scorched to cinders.

further, when i wake up in the morning, it is always at or below 50 degrees. the floor is all linoleum, so yeah, it can get cold so bring your slippies when you come and visit.

the rain is really loud banging on the glass ceiling. which is great as we love rain, but you have to turn the volume waaaaaayyyyy up if you want to watch “there will be blood” in the living room.

we get to watch the cat, from underneath, navigate the glass roof. it is quite entertaining. we also get to see the footprints of racoons or ‘possum, we have not been able to see the underbelly of that culprit yet.

the rest of the house is great! we have laundry, a huge kitchen, a great yard, live next to a frog pond, have tons of light (as you may have assumed), bathtub, large bedroom, tons of storage, a shed, garned space, blabbedy blah….we are very happy!

so ‘ere she is…the greenhouse. or “the sunroom” as it’s known to some other folks.


glass wall, glass deck with built-in benches.


the yard. the tarps in the back left are where isaiah is working on raised beds.


the frog pond resulted from a pit that bricks used to be produced from. so there are blond brick paths that weave throughout the property. notice isaiah’s “pastry case”, an actual pastry case that he got for free from a local restaurant that he converted into a greenhouse. before we lived in a greenhouse, that is.


so here’s the frog pond. and the noise that comes this pond is, i will not lie, deafening at times. i was a little worried about what we got ourselves into with this frog noise action, but 1) you get used to it, and 2) it only gets quieter from here on thru the summer as they are breeding! but, whoa. 100_2025

we have a porch! i get excited about these things. here, isaiah can leave the great outdoors on the porch, so it doesn’t affect my great indoors.


the living space and kitchen. there are foam core panel inserts for the roof and walls to help manage the temperature fluctuations. there is still a ton of work to do but the large kitchen is so great! we love the bar and are so excited to have people over to enjoy cooking.



uhh, it’s messy. but you get the point. the bedroom windows look out into the yard and pond.


and finally, you moment of zen. i came into the room the other day, before we moved, and they were touching! yep, touching. almost cuddling if you will. just give fatty a few more years to defrost her icy heart.



4 thoughts on “The Greenhouse

  1. WOWWOWOWOWOW. dude. i LOVE it. seriously, what a freakin’ find!!! i cannot wait to see it in person and enjoy a wonderful, mind-blowing meal in that sweet-ass kitchen!

    also the yard is amazing.

    also i want to put Fatty in a headlock and make her snuggle with me.

    Love the pics–was super excited that you got them up 🙂

    xo T

  2. Your place is AMAZING! I love it.

    Kerry and I want to come visit you and Isaiah sometime this year. We are still working on the details.

    I miss you guys. Too bad you can’t pick up that house and move it right next door to us.:)

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