PNW Weekend-a-thon

We have not seen several people that are very important to use since we packed up and drove to Madison, WI. so we dicided to take a long weekend and do some serious driving.


we set out Friday under some pretty poor weather conditions. it basically snowed from Trinidad to Crecsent City which is odd as this is all coastal driving.


we stayed in Eugene, OR for the first night at the Campbell Inn B&B which was totally cute. the people were really nice and it was a great location in a nearby neighborhood. they upgraded our rooms at no extra charge and…


this bathtub with jets was our sweet reward. i had wanted a room with this bathtub so bad, and it fell into our road-weary laps. ha ha.


Eugene was really cool. there were designated bike paths all over the place. we rode around the next morning to check it out.


there is an extensive bike path along the willamette river that would have been nice to ride if we had more time.


hung out with these fine folks, bought some new shoes, at some lunch, found St. Vinnie’s treasures and left for Tacoma, WA.


saw a rainbow that arced over both lanes of the freeway. we stayed one night in tacoma and had a delicious dinner. tarra, di and i walked around her neighborhood in the morning and took off shortly after that to visit with budds and marisa in portland. it was nice to be back in WA, we really miss it.


i look like am about to sneeze or something, but here we are the following morning in portland. why no pictures of visiting with budds and marisa you ask? good question. we had the most amazing time with them! they have a beautiful house, in a beautiful neighborhood, near a beautiful park, they are beautiful people with a beautiful dog (or a bear, i can’t figure it out) and we ate an amazing meal at the Screen Door and had drinks and rode bikes around the Southeast and, and, and…no pictures!

but here are some pictures of the City which is still kinda lame ’cause any of you can see these sights for yourself. i am lame.

100_1961 100_1962



So that was really it. We spent several hours tooling around downtown and then jumped back inthe car. Road trips are great and we saw so many oldie but goodie friends.


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